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  • halal food

    The tasty Turkish cuisine is sure to be a highlight of your holiday in Türkiye. The majority of establishments serve halal food. This means that any meat you eat in Türkiye has been processed and prepared in accordance with halal requirements. Furthermore, in Türkiye, all international fast-food chains serve exclusively halal meat products.

    There are a few establishments, catering primarily to tourists and usually in tourist resorts, that serve meals such as “English breakfast” which may contain non-halal meat products. There are absolutely no restaurants serving Turkish cuisine that serve non-halal meat. If you are not sure, you can always ask. Turkish people are very friendly and they never mind answering any questions.

    Although some restaurants do serve alcohol, it is possible to find establishments in any city or hotel which are alcohol-free. Traditional kebab and chicken restaurants generally do not serve alcohol, and neither do establishments that serve pide and lahmacun.  

    A feature of any town is the traditional tea garden or çay bahçesi, which will typically be alcohol-free. It’s a great place to enjoy a glass of Turkish tea or a refreshing soda in a family-friendly atmosphere.