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  • what to expect on a Muslim-friendly holiday in Türkiye

    as a Muslim traveler

    What To Expect On A Muslim-friendly Holiday In Türkiye As A Muslim Traveler

    Türkiye is a multicultural country with a population of 82 million. It is officially a secular state with 99% of the population being Muslim.

    Folk Islam in Türkiye has derived many of its popular practices from Sufism. Veneration of saints (both male and female) and pilgrimages to their shrines and graves represent important aspects of popular Islam in the country.

    A casual observer on the street will see a spectrum from very secular to very conservative Muslims. Türkiye protects the freedom to worship and does not impose religious observance. Türkiye’s beach resorts and hotels welcome tourists from all cultures and countries.

    Türkiye has a rich tradition of hospitality and visitors, which locals prefer to call their “guests.” Visitors will be overwhelmed by the kindness of locals. Even the smallest village has a mosque, so wherever you choose to visit, you will find no difficulty in finding a mosque to pray. There are more than 80,000 mosques in Türkiye with more than 3,000 in Istanbul alone. Turkish people love children and will make children feel welcome wherever you go - Türkiye is an ideal destination to visit as a family.